20 MAI 2018 - 20h - Schloss Leuk

PLACA BASE (Palma de Mallorca)




Placa Base is a non-profit cultural association dedicated to producing and promoting cultural
projects related to technology, with a specific interest in disseminating artistic creation in the field
of new experimental music and disseminating science and knowledge from a multidisciplinary
perspective. Placa Base has, since its foundation, been planning and managing cultural events with technology
as their common thread and content quality and rigour as indispensable requirements, always
aligned to the thirst for disseminating complex topics in an appealing manner.

Placa Base Col·lectiu Instrumental is a music ensemble with a flexible format, integrated by
musicians from Balearic Islands or that have had a stable activity in the region with new music
projects. The ensemble is balance between musicians of the new generations and musicians with
an extended career. The common field of all the members is their commitment with new music
with an estable international presence. The programs proposed by the group involve always a
partial or extensive use of electronic means.

Artistic Director: Mateu Malondra
Head of Production: Rubén Rodríguez
Coordination: Alberto Puertas
Communication: Tomás Andújar
Socio-culture: Miguel Trillo

Beatriz Tirado Saxophones
Tomás Alonso Saxophones
Ángel Faraldo Electronics









Joan Magrané Figuera

Marc García Victoria
P project

Octavi Rumbau
En Fricció

Joan Bagés i Rubí
Holofonia V2

Mateu Malondra Flaquer

Xavier Gelabert
Collar de perles

Ángel Faraldo
Feedback Study #1
(new version: 2sax+elec.)