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17 Mai 2018 - 19h bis Türschluss
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19 Mai 2018 - 10h bis Türschluss
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19 Mai 2018 - 10h, Spritzuhüüs






BabelScores is an online platform offering a new model for the distribution and publishing of contemporary music written in the last decades. BabelScores catalogue includes currently more than 2500 pieces by about 300 composers, incl. Ondrej Adamek, Ashley Fure, Dieter Ammann, Louis Andriessen, Paul Méfano, Bernard Cavanna, Karlheinz Essl, Gerardo Gandini, Panayiotis Kokoras, Patricia Alessandrini, Ramon Lazcano, Yan Maresz, Luis Naon, Daniel Teruggi, Hans Tutschku, Pedro García, Lucas Fagin, etc. BabelScores is a French-based structure arising from the need to diffuse and promote contemporary music from the last 40 years, rendering information more easily available to everyone worldwide. BabelScores® offers a wide catalogue and setting up a powerful circulation platform addressed to instrumentalists, ensembles, orchestras, composers, musicologists, conservatories, universities and festivals throughout the world. At BabelScores you can access the largest and constantly growing online contemporary music library. In short, BabelScores is the world’s new showcase for contemporary music and a powerful tool for present-day composers to promote their work and to receive a fair benefit for it. --- Online Library. Accessible digitally through the subscription service. Its virtual music-score reader provides a booklet-style for comfortable reading. Included is a zooming feature made to exhibit even the smallest details. --- Online Music Scores Store. --- Music Scores Rental. Orchestras, ensembles, festivals, and musicians are able to rent performance materials (separate parts and electronics) in printed or digital format. --- Its policy is to foster a wide-ranging, comprehensive vision of music without a prevailing aesthetics. Individual composers who present their work there receive an important proportion of the benefits generated by it. The copyright of works always remains in composers/publishing houses hands. This distribution is done by means of the Web without geographical restrictions, at very reasonable prices so as to discourage piracy and always protecting the rights of the composers and publishing houses who join the project. --- Languages. BabelScores® presents its interface in three languages: English, French and Spanish. However, given the large amount of information being received and stored in our site, BabelScores® cannot at present handle the translation of all the material sent by composers and members of its cultural network. Instrumentation information and search is available in english only.